Above: Cannington Viaduct, the main engineering feature on the LSWR's sinuous branch line from Axminster to Lyme Regis, is maintained by the Historical Railways Estate of Highways England, but not accessible. It is seen here from nearby Cannington Lane during a South Western Area walk. The arch on the left is reinforced due to the settlement of a pier at the time of construction. 21st July 2018. (Jeff Vinter)

Railway Ramblers is the UK's specialist club for exploring old railways, with regional groups throughout the UK: it organises walks for varying ages and abilities, usually on disused railways but occasionally on an old canal or even Roman road. We aim for a comfortable pace that enables members to enjoy each locality and learn something about its industrial history, ideally with a pleasant pub stop for lunch. If this sounds like the sort of thing that you'd enjoy, please take a look at our site ...

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